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Administrative Law

Our lawyers have appeared successfully before a wide variety of review boards and other administrative bodies for businesses and individuals.

Class Actions

We act for defendants in class action law suits. We have acted successfully for insurers, financial institutions and charitable organizations in class actions in the Federal Court, British Columbia Supreme Court and the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Criminal Defence

Our lawyers have extensive expertise in the field of criminal law and have successfully defended clients before all levels of court in British Columbia. Both Ravi Hira Q.C. and Mark Rowan worked as provincial prosecutors before embarking on their careers in private practice. Because of our experience as prosecutors, we understand how prosecutors work and can get the best results for our clients. We act for individuals and organizations accused of committing a wide variety of criminal offences including sexual offences, assault, weapons offences, motor vehicle offences, murder, theft and fraud. We are results-oriented and always remain focused on achieving the best possible solution for our clients.

Fraud Litigation

We have extensive experience in successfully defending and prosecuting a wide variety of fraud claims.

Professional Regulation

Our lawyers regularly represent professionals subject to investigations, disciplinary proceedings or at risk of investigation or discipline by their regulating bodies or under statute. Our lawyers will protect your interests and ensure that you are dealt with fairly by your regulatory body. Decisions made by regulatory bodies can have a devastating impact on professionals and their families, including the loss of a license and livelihood. Our lawyers understand how important it is that our clients receive fearless, effective and experienced representation before regulatory bodies and tribunals to defend and protect their reputations and ability to continue to practice in their chosen field.

Securities and Shareholder Remedies

We regularly act for clients in matters relating to shareholder rights and remedies including oppression actions and derivative actions.


Our lawyers have appeared before the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada on a number of very important cases and have been at the forefront of precedent-setting administrative, civil and criminal cases. Our range of services include acting for appellants and respondents in appeals, references and judicial reviews.

Commercial Litigation

We are one of the few British Columbia law firms composed of lawyers with experience in both civil and criminal law at all levels of court and before many regulatory and administrative tribunals. As such, we are uniquely positioned to successfully manage cases dealing with all aspects of corporate and commercial activities, including contractual disputes, shareholders’ disputes, fraud, class actions, securities, banking, regulatory proceedings and criminal or quasi-criminal charges.

Defamation Actions

We have successfully acted for both corporations and individuals involved in slander or defamation lawsuits, including where the defamation is published electronically over the internet, through mediums such as The Dirty, Google, Facebook and other similar outlets.

Mediation and Arbitration

Many disputes are amenable to resolution by an independent third party, or subject to an arbitration clause. Engaging a mediator or arbitrator often facilitates the rapid resolution of a dispute by avoiding the delays associated with waiting for a trial. Our lawyers have extensive experience in successfully conducting mediations, as well as conducting arbitrations.

Real Estate Litigation

We handle all types of real estate litigation including disputes arising from acquisitions and divestments of industrial and commercial buildings, hotels and resorts, Individual residences, condominiums, vacation homes and rural properties, commercial and retail leasing, single, multiple-family and condominium developments, and most other types of disputes involving real estate.

Tax Litigation

Our lawyers can assist you in all types of disputes related to income tax, goods and services tax and provincial sales tax. We have a significant track record of success in resolving unique tax disputes, and you can rely on diligent and cost effective representation from our lawyers.

Civil Litigation

Our clients rely on our professional, creative and dedicated approach in handling their litigation matters. Our lawyers have litigated hundreds of cases, have appeared at every level of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, and will advance your case with authority and creativity. Our clients value us especially for our clear communication, strategic thinking, commitment and extensive courtroom experience and skills. Whatever the type of representation required, we will give your case the personal time and attention necessary to win in a cost effective way.

Construction Litigation

We act for owners, developers and contractors in construction disputes including lien claims, project management and construction agreements and negligence actions.

Employment Litigation

Our firm acts for employers and employees when employment relationships break down. We are often involved early-on and we can reduce costs and stress by taking a pro-active approach in cases where employment relationships are no longer working out.

Personal Injury

Mark Rowan and Molly Greene act for individuals who have been injured in a variety of unfortunate circumstances including car accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and slips and falls.

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating and unpleasant. Mark Rowan has previously worked as counsel for a number of insurance companies and institutions as a defence lawyer, so he knows how they want to take care of their bottom line instead of taking care of injured people. Our lawyers can give you comprehensive assistance at every stage of the process including completing insurance documents, arranging for appointments with specialists, obtaining medical reports and preparing you for legal proceedings.

We have extensive experience in dealing with ICBC and private insurers in acting for injured plaintiffs and we are committed to helping you obtain full and fair compensation for your injury.

Regulatory and Environmental Defence

Businesses in regulated industries require lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the industry and the statutes, regulations and rules that govern them. These businesses also require lawyers that have experience dealing with the demands of regulators and who understand the complexity of legal issues that arise in regulated industries. Our lawyers specialize in representing businesses and assisting them in complying with these obligations.

Regulatory bodies and government investigators have broad investigatory powers and can force you or your business to co-operate with and participate in an investigation, including an investigation into your conduct. Our lawyers have considerable expertise assisting clients navigate and comply with the often complicated requests made by regulators, including, challenging summonses to witness, subpoenas and other requests for documents and information made by regulators. We are available to assist you if the regulators arrive at your business with a search warrant.

Regulatory investigations and proceedings increasingly take place at the same time as criminal and civil proceedings. Our firm’s unique mix of lawyers with criminal and civil and civil experience allows us to deliver a coordinated and cost effective defence of individuals and businesses who find themselves caught up in legal proceedings in a number of different forums.

Our lawyers have represented multi-national corporations and individuals against a wide variety of charges including breaches of municipal by-laws, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Railway Safety Act, Wildlife Act, WAPRITTA, Fisheries Act, provincial and federal environmental statutes, wrongful death under Part 2 of the Canada Labour Code and many other regulatory statutes.

Wills and Estates Litigation

Our lawyers have experience in acting in cases where there are disputes involving wills, wills variation and intestate estates.